Conference ‘Mobilities – towards a paradigm shift in tourism research’

“Mobilities – Towards a Paradigm Shift in Tourism Research

10th Working Conference of the Commission for Tourism Research in the German Association for Volkskunde”

September 20-22, 2o12

Graz, Austria

For three days, we will discuss methodological and theoretical tools for researching tourism related mobilities in European Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology.

The conference is mainly German speaking, apart from the opening lecture by Orvar Löfgren (“Modes and moods of movement: developing the dialogue between studies of mobility and tourism.”)

Please find the conference schedule and more details (all in German) below or contact for more information.
Mobilitäten. Für einen Paradigmenwechsel
in der Tourismusforschung

10. Tagung der Kommission Tourismusforschung der
Deutschen Gesellschaft für Volkskunde