People, Companies, Systems and Vehicles
Aharon Kellerman, University of Haifa, Israel

‘As the Internet revolution continues to reverberate through the globaleconomy and daily life, urban life has become progressively more constituted around digital transactions. Kellerman has long been one of the most astute observers of this transformation. This volume not only coversthe basics of how cyberspace has become woven into the contemporaryworld, such as cell phones and digital divides, it also breaks new ground byaddressing topics that have received scant attention, such as autonomous vehicles. It offers a fecund series of insights into how people, firms, and places have been restructured bythe ever-growing use of digital technologies. This volume will be useful to students and faculty alike, and of interest to anyone interested in how cyberspace and the analogue world have become shot through with each other.’– Barney Warf, University of Kansas, USTHE INTERNET CITY

As the Internet develops, on top of earlier urban communications, facilities and media, it is becoming the site of urban communications on an unprecedented scale. Exploring the history of the Internet, from preconception to the possibilities of an Internet-based future, The Internet City explores ways in which the Internet and urban life intersect.

The book interprets how the contemporary city is becoming fully based on Internet technologies in all of its major dimensions: the daily activities of urbanites and urban companies, the operations of urbansystems, and the functioning of upcoming driverless vehicles. With particular focus on the ways in which people routinely consume urban services via the Internet, Aharon Kellerman examines how they are simultaneously present in physical and digital spaces.
Urban geographers and urban planners will benefit from the detailed information on how the cityscape will be altered in the near future by the introduction of Internet-based autonomous vehicles. City policymakers will also find this a useful tool to explore how and why policies may need to be updated in accordance with the rising importance of the Internet in the urban sphere.

Contents: PART I URBAN CONNECTIVITY AND INFORMATIONAL ACTIVITIES 1. Introduction 2. Pre-Internet urban connectivity and informational activities 3. The Internet PART II URBAN INTERNET APPLICATIONS 4. The Internet for Individual users 5. The dual-space society 6. The Internet and companies 7. The Internet for urban systems 8. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) and the Internet PART III IMPLICATIONS OF URBAN INTERNET APPLICATIONS 9. Urban perspectives for the Internet-based city 10. Conclusion Index

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2019 c 224 pp Hardback 978 1 78897 358 8 £75.00 / $120.00
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