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Max de Boer 
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The joint T2M/Cosmobilities conference in Caserta/Naples took off very well. We listened to two great keynotes by Andreas Knie from Berlin and Kim Sawchuk from Montreal. Andreas gave a talk where he promoted the electrical car as a mode to change transport policies fundamentally. Kim’s talk was thought-provoking and gave many new and inspiring to a critical investigation of mobilities and disabilities. The sessions ran very well so far and the conference is very well attended. We listened to many very good presentations.
Everything is very well organized and right now two groups are on trips to the historic sites of Caserta and Naples.
Here is the link to the program of the conference:


Dear Monika,
many thanks for this. We are very happy to hear this. :-)
Right now we are working on the publication strategy. We think thus conference was a sort of milestone for the network and we look forward to publish as soon as possible.



Hi Lee, happy to hear this. All in all we heard a lot of positive feedback on the 7/7 sessions and we will move on with this format in the future. In some sense it brought back some of the discussion culture that Cosmobilities had in the past. When we grew bigger it became more and more complicated to keep the interactive spaces during the conferences. But we are quite eager to get it back. This strengthens the network character of Cosmobilities.


Monika Buscher 

Dear Malene, Sven, Emmy and the Comobilities Conference Team

Thank you for all your enthusiastic, warm and inspiring work. I’m (obviously ;-) still thinking about it a month on. Had a fabulous time!


Lee Lee 

I loved how the 7/7 sessions allowed for rich conversations. I wish that the art panels had not overlapped.

Simon Wind 

Hi all. Really inspiring and well organised conference! I enjoyed the 7/7 sessions as a way experimenting with paper format. It gave room for what conferences sessions are really about discussion and not just endless papers with superficial comments afterwards. Looking forward to the next COSMOB :)

Roger Norum 

Dear Malene, Sven et al,

Thanks for a really stimulating conference in Copenhagen and a success on all accounts. The 7/7 sessions were a real hit – I think that our small group of papers, led by Julia Christiansen, was one of the most productive discussion sessions I’ve been part of in a while. Looking forward to Milan!

I though I might put a quick plug out here for anyone interested in joining ANTHROMOB, the EASA Anthropology and Mobility Network (, which encourages collaboration and discussion on topics related to mobility, anthropology and beyond. The network has an active listserv ( and is planning on working more closely with T2M and Cosmobilities in the future, so if anyone would like to get involved please do be in touch.


Benno Bock 

Thank you all for this meaningful conference! It’s just great to rethink mobility in such a interdisciplinary environment.

For those who liked Graham’s ‘super-tall’ speech on vertical mobility, architects from the Studio Schwitalla has made some nice visualisations on the topic:

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